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This Eyewear Display Hook for Wall is one of our latest design, which is made specially to draw more attention from the customers in your stores.


We know that eyewear is just like watch and jewelry, which can be a special decoration to express the most unique personal charactertistics. It is more about fashion and style rather than function now.


Our design is to use steel wire to hold the eyewear frame out from the wall, hoping to create a better visual merchandise perspective view with the floating feeling. Modern and delicate. Easy to use and maintain, efficient visual merchandising communication.


Q: What is an "Eyewear Display Hook"?
A: It is designed and made from steel wire to hold the eyewear frame on the wall and create an efficient visual merchandise solution.

Q: How many colors?
A: Now, we have black powder coating, white powder coating, and chrome-plated.

Q: The type of wall to be added?
A: At present, we have two types, the hanging clip for slatwall with aluminum profile, and the other one is the steel pegboard.

A: Is there an option for customization?


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Eyewear Display Hook for Slatwall, EYEHK-020B

Wall Style
  • Bending Ø4.0 & Ø6.0 Steel Wire

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