GARMENT HANGER RACK is a very efficient solution for apparel stores and shops.

A garment hanger rack is a free stand floor display for retail shops and stores. It can hang cloth hanger and be versatile to show the best view of your merchandise. There are many types for different purposes with designated functions; you always can custom whatever you want, like ground leveler or casters, straight arm or slant arm, height adjusting. Of course, you can pick the right surface to meet your brand image.

Made in Taiwan, our garment hanger racks are your best choice with budget prices and good quality. No matter a small volume or a huge amount, our solid team are always at your service, get in touch with us now.


4-Way Garment Hanger Rack is a 360° display for cloth shops and apparel stores. The main structure contains a base and 4 posts with various out-stretching arms. It is made from steel pipe, which provides very solid support to load heavy products.

The bases are almost the same, however, there are too many choices for the upright posts and arms. Straight, slant, with hooks, square pipe, oval pipe, rectangular pipe, or even steel plate. You always can make your own designs.

The height adjustment is always accompanied with a 4-Way Garment Hanger Rack. It provides the complete flexibility for shop owners to adjust their displaying layout. These positive features make it easy for shop owners to choose the right shop display.


  • Free Standing
    Not like the wall display, you can put the 4-Way Garment Hanger Rack anywhere in your store.
  • Height Adjustment
    There is a wide range of cloth, men’s and women’s, long and short, wide and narrow. A height adjusting function provides the solution. There are 2 types: Push Button every 3” or Top Button move freely.
  • Feet for Selection
    We have two choices for custom: ground leveler or casters (2 W/ Breaks, 2 W/O Breaks)
  • Custom Looking
    Apparel business is all about looking and styles, you always can change the colors on the base and upright posts.


It is no doubt that a 4-Way Garment Hanger Rack can load as many as possible clothes. Of course, it provides a flexible solution for merchandising adjustment. Its budget price is also another attractive point for shop owners.

A 4-Way Garment Hanger Rack can load these merchandises in the fashion industry:

belt, boots, cap, coat, dress, gloves, hat, jacket, jeans, pajamas, pants, raincoat, scarf, shirt, shoes, skirt, slacks, slippers, socks, stockings, suit, sweater, sweatshirt, t-shirt, tie, trousers, underclothes, underpants, undershirt


Display hooks are mostly used in retail shops and stores, but now, someone will use them in home and storage for their high-efficient function.

  • Apparel brand store
  • Jewelry, watch, and accessories store
  • Grocery store
  • Sports good store
  • Outdoor equipment store

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4Way Garment Hanger Rack / 16" Straight Oval Arm / Apparel Retail Display

SKU: GHR-013
Height Adjustment
  • Item: 4Way Garment Hanger Rack / 16" Straight Oval Arm
    Size: 32" x 32" x H51" to H72"

    • Base - 1" square pipe
    • Arm - 0.5" x 1.5" x 16" straight oval arm with stopper

    Surface: Chrome / Black / White / Custom by request
    Height Adjustment: Push Button, every 3" / Top Button, move freely
    Feet: Ground Leveler / Caster, 2 W/Breaks + 2 W/O Breaks

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