Hotel Guestroom Side Table (L) / HGW-033-B

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We design this new special wardrobe set for the hotel guestroom to fulfill many unique needs. Of course, it must have good looking, easy to maintain, good price, and efficient transportation. We are trying to combine 3 basic materials, they are steel & wood & marble, hoping to coordinate these elements on one objects and get a vivid visual effect. In this way, we create a comfortable guestroom with style and function. 

Q: Why a hotel guest room wardrobe must be designed and made especially?
A: Hotel guestrooms are now like our bedroom in the home, the guest must have a fridge, a hanging bar for cloth, a countertop, a safe box, a mirror for dressing, and a shelf for brochure and magazine.

Q: The strategy of design is?
A: First, we must consider the dimensions of ergonomics, to design the wardrobe according to the suitable width, height, and depth. Then, we add the functions, according to the customers' needs. Also, we always design the product to be #knock/down structure, which means the customers can save a lot of money in transportation. The last thing, but the most important is to have a beautiful looking, no one wants to buy an item of ugly furniture, especially when it is going to be installed in a guestroom. 

Q: Can these wardrobes be customized?
A: For sure, we understand there are so many expectations from various customers with a wide range of unique requirements, there is always an option called #customization.
Basically, you can decide the materials, the surface treatment, the style. 

Q: Types of extending outward arms?
A: There are many types, flat square arm, flat rectangular arm, z-shape arm, slant arm with studs, slant arm with hooks... of course, there is always an option - to customize your own type.

Q: The places to use "Hotel guestroom wardrobe"
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Hotel Guestroom Side Table (L) / HGW-033-B

SKU: HGW-033-B
  • Guestroom Side Table (L)

    Size: Ø50 x H50/80 cm
    Material: Steel pipe, wooden board
    Surface: Wood - wood veneer with coating, steel - powder coating
    Structure: Welded structure
    Packing: 1 PC/Bundle

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