RUE, the rattan looking dining chair / PCH-7025

Product Feature - Rue / Dining Chair

Size : W48 x D58 x S.H.45 cm / 88 cm
Weight: 3.9 Kg
Material: Eco-friendly Recyclable Polypropylene (P.P.) / Oak Veneer / Ash Veneer
Color : Brown / Gray / Tan / White / Pearl Black / Metallic Bronze / Pearl Green
Model: 7025

Rue rattan chair is named after the prestigious European nobleman, elegant and charming. Integrating the traditional and modern design with no conflicts, the rattan tactile quality is an eye-catching point.

The chair comprises a curvy polypropylene one-piece shell. sustained by a Gas-Assisted Injection Molding four-legged structure, which rises on the back, outlining a delicate butterfly-shaped frame. The distance between the backseat rear and the"wings" creates a shifting interplay of light and shade as if the butterfly were flying.  The seat can be produced with different finishes, such as wood effect textures plywood, metal plating, etc. and it's also available in a low-backseat version.

Q: The places to use "Rue/ Dining Chair"
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RUE, the rattan looking dining chair / PCH-7025

SKU: PCH-7025

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