SNEZGUARD - acrylic tabletop sneeze guard / 4-PC style

Therearesomefeatures about the design:

  • 4-PC structure, even more steady
  • One unit in a super flat package
  • Stand still on the table or countertop
  • Hinge clip as the optional attaching solution
  • Custom logo for branding
  • Size customization
  • Flat-pack transportation strategy


"SNEZGUARD" protects you and the one you loved.
Acrylic is a very useful material, also called plexiglass or lucite. With the outstanding characteristics, we use it to make many kinds of products. It is light-weight, not easy to crack, could be cut with laser and CNC, suitable for silk printing and laser engraving, see-through as the glass.


We are taking all these advantages to create this new series, hoping to provide more protection for those who, might need the face-to-face communication in their working places. Compared to other existing design, our concept -to develop more attaching methods on the surface. There are some basic surface-attaching methods, simple one, the adhesive tape, the anti-slip bumper or pad, and screws. You will have the full selection for different surface of the tabletop.


The K/D structure helps to provide an economic transportation, save the cost; easy to assembly, no manual guide needed; when the difficult time passed, everything goes back to normal. All these solution will keep this sneeze guard standstill, not easy to fall down.

"SNEZGUARD is a versatile design to fulfill different needs in this difficult moment.

SNEZGUARD - acrylic tabletop sneeze guard / 4-PC style

  • Item: Tabletop acrylic sneeze guard / 4-PC style
    Material: clear acrylic

    • W60 x H90 / W90 x H60 / W90 x 90 cm
    • Custom by Request

    Logo: Custom by Request
    Table attaching: Simple / Hinge with adhesive tape / Hinge with screw

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