Urban Warehouse Self Storage

There is an obvious trend that the needs for city storage is getting more and more. People live in city always needs more space to keep their stuff but the space is never enough. One of our customers, who see this is a potential opportunity in Taiwan, talked with us and hoped to develop a series of module mini storage unit, so that he can duplicate this business module anywhere, as long as the spot meet his targets, located in the center, with high-density population, and people is willing to pay for storage space. ​ This case is the first one, we designed a complete set of mini storage unit, there are more than 50 components, not only to build up the standard storage unit, about 3.4 m3, with locker door and customized powder coating; we also develop the other components to modify the sizes and function. ​ These components are made from high-quality steel plate, steel pipe, and steel wire. Our powder coating is with extraordinary properties resist to humidity and scratches. They are designed as K/D (knock down) structure, so that we can save a lot of money of transportation. Taiwan-made locker provide the better security, that all users can feel safe about their stuff. We also consider there may be some users just want to store small items, so that we have 2-tier storage cabinet for them. ​ Nowaday, this mini storage is open, and the owner is happy to fulfill the needs for space, most of all, he always can duplicate the original design to other cities.