Big Fame Industrial CORP. is the leading retail & commercial space supply company in Taiwan, design and make high-quality display rack and bespoke furniture for different types of spaces, like a retail store, department store, supermarket, hyper mall, and hotel. We provide the one-stop purchase service as the total solution to shop display and space interior furniture needs. Our primary mission is to create the one and only brand image for our clients with a wide range of objects and projects, by coordinating all kinds of different materials, processes, and styles.


A good display or beautiful furniture always tells a better story than normal ones, it also helps the customer to recognize the value of a brand. That is what we work hard for. BRAND VALUE is our priority goal; it is our strategy, of course, that’s what we believe in.

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We know and have the machines to make store fixtures, shop displays, furniture for commercial space for your brand.

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Insight about Retail Display 

Retail space is rare and precious. Make sure to get the most of every sq foot. An area of overall decorative store layout will create people feel comfortable to stay and pay more attention in comparison to regions of quite simple inventory presentation, where they simply stop by to purchase things they need from their list. It is because consumers unconsciously have a tendency to look for environments that creates a positive mood and invite them to stay.


The right choice of retail exhibit and retail space design will assist shop owners to differentiate from other stores and persuade buyers to come in, stay longer and come back. A shop without smart retail exhibit positioning and a highlighted shop theme will be automatically connected with an inexpensive items shop and won't be capable to drive high margin sales for brand merchandise. For the maker, the purpose of utilizing a uniform retail exhibit design for all stores is to fortify the unified company message. Custom retail display is, in fact, the only sensible way makers have, to control about how their merchandise will be perceived in numerous different distribution outlets. Most buying decisions really are made at the point of sale. So the most crucial factors are location, store and exhibit design that will decide whether your merchandise get noticed and your efforts will guarantee ROI.

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7F, No. 112 Huaining St., Taipei, Taiwan 10046

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