Devoted to making a better fixture and furniture for spaces.

Founded in 1988, Big Fame is one of the leading store fixture & furniture company in Taiwan.  We understand styles matter for branding. The right fixture can build a connection between your customers and your brand, encouraging the purchase and boosting sales. Over the years, we cooperate with global brands, architects, interior designers, and shoplifters to create different styles of numerous brands.


With the budget in mind, we help your brand stand out among the competition via smart, stylish and effective merchandising.

Display Inspiration

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Brand Communication

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Project Consulting

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The Technique and Skills

There is an ongoing revolution in the retail industry, with an in-house design studio, we are able to capture the market trend and develop the next generation of store fixture and furniture. From 2D illustrations to 3D renderings, our designers excel at interpreting your brand philosophy as they create a space that brings your vision to life.

Worldwide Service

Across the world, from Japan to Italy, our clients care about quality and efficiency the most, including luxury goods, fashion, grocery, cosmetics, skincare, restaurant, eyewear, footwear, hotels, and specialty stores. We hope to provide the best support for them with intimate service and outstanding products.



We are the expert to make the best shop display store fixture; having plenty of experience, knowledge, and technique. 

We know everything about shopfitting, from material, design, production, development, installation, logistic

Retail Revolution

Retail space is rare and precious. Make sure to get the most of every sq foot. An area of overall decorative store layout will create people feel comfortable to stay and pay more attention in comparison to regions of quite simple inventory presentation, where they simply stop by to purchase things they need from their list. It is because consumers unconsciously have a tendency to look for environments that creates a positive mood and invite them to stay.


The right choice of retail exhibit and retail space design will assist shop owners to differentiate from other stores and persuade buyers to come in, stay longer and come back. A shop without smart retail exhibit positioning and a highlighted shop theme will be automatically connected with an inexpensive items shop and won't be capable to drive high margin sales for brand merchandise. For the maker, the purpose of utilizing a uniform retail exhibit design for all stores is to fortify the unified company message. Custom retail display is, in fact, the only sensible way makers have, to control about how their merchandise will be perceived in numerous different distribution outlets. Most buying decisions really are made at the point of sale. So the most crucial factors are location, store and exhibit design that will decide whether your merchandise get noticed and your efforts will guarantee ROI.